June 22, 2013, Saturday

Introducing...our second location! To better server our community, we've added a second location in the San Jose Almaden Area. We've named this new location "Shen Acupuncture Clinic". You may schedule appointments with us at either location during the specified office hours. More details can be found our new website http://drshenacu.com. We will slowly merge losaltosacu.com into our new website, and losaltosacu.com may be phased out in the future.
Shen Acupuncture Clinic
Website: http://drshenacu.com
Location: 1726 Ewer Dr., San Jose, CA 95124
Phone: (408) 221-6458
Email: susanna@drshenacu.com

May 15, 2011, Sunday

We are now on major social networks. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Yelp.

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April 5, 2011, Tuesday

Welcome to our new website. We are now on major social networks. Visit this page or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive the latest news and offers. Our clinic now offers full body massage therapy and facial rejuvenation treatments. Special rates are available for first-time patients. We accept insurance. Please call us for details.